The 4 Hour Chef – Tim Ferriss New Book

Just found out from one of my 4 Hour Body blogging buddies that The 4 Hour Chef is on pre-order now – check it out.

4 Hour Chef

Obviously, we don’t have tons of info to go on (there is a cool video TF shot on the Amazon page) – but if you are a fan of the other “4 Hour” books, I would imagine you would be a fan of this one too.  You should also check out the newest teaser post for 4 Hour Chef at Tim’s official blog.

The tag line says it all: “The Simple Path to Cooking Like A Pro, Learning Anything and Living the Good Life”

AND – if you are interested in cookbooks – Just want to throw a little plug out here: my Slow Carb Slow Cooker Cookbook is almost finished!  I’m hoping to have it fully ready to download (it will be in e-book format) by the 1 year anniversary of the 4 Hour Body book launch and 4 Hour Body Zone launch (right around December 16)!

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Also, I found this website that has some solid info and links about the 4 Hour Chef book coming out in September!