Homemade Bulgarian Bag

First we had the homemade T-Bar Kettlebell, which I hope many of you are still using (me? I have to get back on that bandwagon)

Now, we have a homemade Bulgarian Bag – bulgarian bags for those of you who don’t know are weighted bags perfect for throwing around, lifting over your head, squatting with, even swings (ala, kettlebell swings).

If you search for Bulgarian bags online, you’ll notice they cost around $200 for an approximately 35lb model.  The one I made in my garage took about 10 minutes and around $20 to make.

You’ll need the following items:

  1. truck/car tire inner tube ($15 at AutoZone, or similar shop)
  2. 40# bag of sand ($3 at WalMart)
  3. Duct Tape ($1.50/roll at WalMart)
  4. Wire ties ($1 at WalMart)
tire, sand, duct tape, wire ties - ingredients for DIY Bulgarian Bags

Cut the tube into a “C” shape.  Cut out the section that has the air intake tube.  Then with one wire tie, tie off one end of the inner tube and duct tape the end creating a “handle”

cut tube into a "C" shape
tie off one end, duct tape and create a handle

Now start filling the open end with the sand.  Fill until you get the bag to your desired size.  You can make the bag as small or as big you want.  It all depends on how big you cut the tube, and how much sand or filler you put in it.  I didn’t set out for any specific size, but rather filled it until I got it to a point that I thought would be about right for the handles I wanted it to have.

When you get it to your desired weight or fill – tie off the other end, and duct tape it into a second handle.  You’ve now completed your Bulgarian Bag.

final product, make sure to cut off the ends of the wire ties

Because I haven’t had a chance to video myself using it, I’m going to link to a video of a guy using the bag in all sorts of ways.  I plan to use it for jogging up a large hill in a park nearby, along with doing pushups, swings, cleans, squats, presses, etc…

What do you think of this?  Is it something you could see yourself using?  What are some other homemade equipment you guys are using?


  1. says

    Dude, great idea, I have been trying to think of a way to do this as well.
    I got a project for next weekend now thanks.

    BTW I have an idea for a better home made kettlebell, but haven’t found a common product that will work. I will email you and see what you think.

    • valentinb13 says

      Thanks, if you make it I’d like to hear what you think of it!

      I’d love to hear about a newer version of the kettlebell…my biggest issue with the T-Bar is that it’s just too one-dimensional. You can only do swings basically, not much else.

      • jfj33 says

        Hi Brian, I was sent here from 4HBTalk, and I love this walkthrough – straight-forward and easy to follow. Anyway, I’ve spent a while trying to think up an alternative homemade kettlebell to the T-bar used by Tim, and eventually came up with the idea of creating a sand-filled canvas ‘kettlebag’. However, I think I found the answer here:
        These guys have gone one better, and created kettlebells from old inner tubes!

        I’ve got myself a free inner tube from a local tyre dealer (punctured, but that doesn’t matter when I’m cutting it up), and I’ve obtained a couple of heavy duty cable ties – I’m going to see if I can do this for free just to prove a point! I’ll let you know how I get on…

        Thanks again for posting this, and keep up the great work!