1 Million Pound 4 Hour Body Weight Loss Challenge

I’m in – are you?

Tim Ferriss and LiftApp announced a MAJOR Weight Loss challenge – 1 million pounds is the goal – and if we all pony up ($50) then we all stand a chance at winning a portion of over $1 million!

From 10/23 through 11/16 we’ll be participating in this challenge – won’t you join us?

How to get started

First – download the LiftApp from the AppStore (if you’re an Android user like me – we can use the 4 hour body app or Lift has a spreadsheet/website we can track on)

Then go to DietBet and sign up for the 4HourBodyDietBet (this is optional)

Next, take measurements (ideally bodpod or dexa bodyfat measurement) but at least take before photos (front, back and side) and start planning out your meals – (hint, here’s a great resource for some slow carb slow cooker meals)

The idea is to use social proof, social accountability, and money as a motivator

As Tim points out in his recent post about the challenge – people work harder to NOT lose money than they do to EARN money – I know we’re weird creatures – but, it works and it gives us a good reason to get strict before the holidays.

Let’s get this started – what are you waiting for???


Lift Blog


Tim Ferriss Announcement

All New…and still the same

Well, some of you may have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity around here for quite a few months.

Things were crazy for a while in my household (all good) – and although I love Paleo/4HB I found myself stressing out about how and what to write about.

I realized that I was more concerned with how to “SEO” my recipes and articles, rather than just enjoying the cooking and eating!

That’s changed – I am back, and I’m going to be focused on eating, paleo/slow carb/4HB and exercise…and I’ll let the search engines worry about themselves…I’m going to focus on putting out good info, good recipes, and good workouts

That being said – I do have a few things in the works

  • the slow carb/slow cooker cookbook – is essentially completed! There are approximately 150 recipes included in it – and they range from beans, to meats, veggies, even some sauces…
  • I’m working on a intense 6-8 week workout program that will incorporate some of my own theories on fat loss and exercise along with paleo/slow carb eating principles and fasting/refeeding
  • I think I’ll be making some changes here at 4HBZ – looking to get the site more like a recipe/cooking site + recipe exchange…so watch for a new look in the near future
  • Also, I’m open to all sorts of guest posts, recipes, etc…if there is anything you would like to see on here that I’m not covering feel free to request it!

Also – I have a special “gift” for my newsletter subscribers – if you’re not on the mailing list please make sure to sign up here:

Stay In the Zone!

I’ll be sending out an update shortly to my list subscribers – so please make sure you’re on it!