Getting Back on the Horse – Keys to Restarting the Diet after a Layoff

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I started the 4 hour body diet/slow carb diet in December 2011. When I started I was gung-ho: snapping pics of every meal, uploading them to the site,… Read More »

thursday eats gazpacho

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4 Hour Body Gazpacho

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4 Hour Body Recipes Soups – Gazpacho Where I live it’s getting warmer and that means no more hot soups and stews. But I still enjoy a good… Read More »

a good book, coffee, and the best treats around

Homemade Lara Bars

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One of the things that can sometimes be difficult about 4 hour body recipes or Paleo/SlowCarb diets are the lack of sweets.  My cravings for sugary, doughy sweets… Read More »

Thoughts on The 4 Hour Chef book

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The book came out on the 20th and when I got home from work that day, a pretty little brown box with a smile on it was waiting… Read More »

Baked Apple Paleo Desserts

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This is a guest post by Jason Jacobs of Finding My Fitness. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could eat healthy food and also have dessert? I was… Read More »

1 Million Pound 4 Hour Body Weight Loss Challenge

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I’m in – are you? Tim Ferriss and LiftApp announced a MAJOR Weight Loss challenge – 1 million pounds is the goal – and if we all pony… Read More »

Essential Slow Cooker Beans Recipes

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One of the problems people tell me they have with the 4 Hour Body diet is how “boring” eating beans are. That they can’t just eat them over and over…well,… Read More »

my own Chili “non” carne

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I’m sure if you looked for it, you could find a ton of no-meat chili recipes on the net. But, I enjoy trying things out for myself and… Read More »

Almond Milk Benefits (and a recipe)

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Why Almond Milk is Good for Health The latest ‘food replacement’ fad nowadays is Almond Milk – If you or your kids aren’t fond of cow’s milk (or… Read More »

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